Lori Murtagh
Licensed Esthetician
Skin Care Specialist
Holistic Approach
Oncology Trained

"Skin care is my passion and allows me to share my innate and genuine love for people and servicing others. Every person has something wonderful about him/her that is awaiting discovery.  I thoroughly enjoy working with my clients, discovering what makes them unique, and helping them to reach the goal of obtaining their best skin health."

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Skin Care

As I always say, "Healthy skin is only a touch away."  As an Oncology Trained esthetician and an Osmosis Holistic Skin Specialist, I analyze the skin as a whole to work with skin conditions at their source.  By using clinic ingredients and a non-inflammatory approach, I provide targeted solutions for all skin conditions.  My additional oncology training allows me to safely work with individuals undergoing cancer treatments and thereafter.  You will experience a compassionate and educated method of touch, comfort and care.