New PA esthetic regulations are currently not permitting salon services if a mask cannot be worn (facials/lip & chin waxing)


Lori's  Signature Facial    $105


  • professional skin analysis

  • holistic & wellness approach

  • customized treatments & ingredients

  • appropriate modalities used

  • advanced massage therapies & holistic techniques


Gentlemen's Facial      $105

  • addresses different needs & concerns of a man's skin

  • deep cleansing

  • smoothing exfoliation

  • painless extractions as needed

  • critical hydration

My Oasis Facial      $89

  • safely manages skin side effects of cancer therapies such as dry, red, itchy skin; rashes; radiation dermatitis; neuropathy

  • skin treatments promote increased relation & decreased stress

  • compassionate & educated method of touch, comfort & care

Osmosis Revitapen Facial      $134

  • immediate & long-term results with non-invasive device

  • customized ingredients are driven deep into the skin for optimal skin restoration

  • stimulates circulation, softens fine lines, reduces inflamation

  • improves hydration levels, reduces scarring, controls breakouts


Osmosis Facial Infusion     $159

  • generates a 30-day collagen production increase

  • unique non-chemical peel

  • enhances results

  • skin is hydrated, plump, fewer fine lines & even texture

  • 1 month prep with Osmosis Vit A Serum required


LED Facial      $129

  • boosts benefits of your facial

  • stimulates cellular regeneration

  • produces collagen & elastin

  • promote circulation, kill acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, speed healing.

  • deeper absorption of serums and creams

Teen Facial     $75

  • professional skin analysis

  • cleansing, exfoliation, & extractions if needed

  • serum cocktail of ingredients for  acne

  • instruct how to care for skin

On-The-Go Facial    $45

  • 30 minute facial

  • treat specific concerns like acne, hydration, exfoliation

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